Will the next storm be the one that floods your home?


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Flood Insurance

No one can predict the weather. They'll try, but a storm does what it wants, including staying in one place and dropping massive amounts of water right over your home. An example is Tropical Storm Allison in June, 2001 when Houston and Harris County Texas was flooded. A Texas homeowners insurance policy does NOT covered floods, or rising waters.

We all need flood insurance if we are to have the peace of mind that comes with knowing we have done everything we can to protect the investment we made in our home.

Flood insurance is easy to buy because it is available to all homeowners regardless of their flood risk. You can still buy coverage even if the property has been flooded in the past. Renters also qualify to purchase flood insurance for the contents of their apartment, condominium or other living space. Owners of commercial and non-residential property are able to insure a building's contents from flood damage as well.

Flood insurance may be purchased at any time regardless of weather predictions. However, there is a waiting period of 30-days before the coverage becomes effective. An exception is made when a home purchase is required by the mortgage company to furnish a flood insurance policy at a Title Company closing.

A preferred risk policy of flood insurance is an inexpensive supplement to your homeowner's policy. For example, A home located in "Preferred Rate Zones" B, C or X with dwelling coverage of $100,000 and contents coverage of $40,000 is only $233 per year.

A quote< for flood insurance is free. All that is needed is the address.

Flood Insurance
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